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Drupal website in 5 minutes

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on Thu, 09/27/2012 - 18:09

I will try to explain how to install a Drupal 7 website in 5 minutes using Drush, an awesome php tool that will help us the tedious work of downloading and installing drupal and the modules needed.

First we must install drush in our system, just following the drush documentation explained in the drush module page.

The next step is to download Drupal 7 from the command line usign the recently installed drush script. Just type the following command to download the latest version of Drupal 7:

drush dl drupal-7

Now we will install the Drupal standard profile and automatically create the settings.php file and the database just with one command:

drush si standard

Note: Don't forget to replace the values within the less-than and greater-than signs with the correct values.

Answer "yes" to the following question:

You are about to create a sites/default/files directory
and create a sites/default/settings.php file
and CREATE  the '<db-name>' database. Do you want to continue? (y/n): y

The following messages will be shown during the installation:

Starting Drupal installation. This takes a few seconds ...                 [ok]
Installation complete.  User name: <username>  User password: <password>   [ok]

In a few seconds you will get your Drupal site installed and ready to go. Just login with the username and password shown and drupalize you ;)


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The five minute Drupal site fits with your somewhat dangerous-looking druplicons. Actually after a bit of experience it is possible to whack up a Drupal site without drush in five minutes (wget. [drupal URL], tar -xvf [drupal-*.tar.gz], check folder permissions, make a database, visit the virtual server in a browser and enter email address, site title and db details, and you are up and running in no time). But have you not found that creating a Drupal site is five minutes of fun, followed by a lifetime of hard work ;-)

OK I am just being provocative. I won't mind if you hit delete on my comment!

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Hahaha, surely it's a post for Drupal heroes but, when you have drush installed in your system you will love to install Drupal with it ;)

I only delete spam comments so don't be afraid of comment all you want... with respect ;)

Sorry for the late response, I had some problems with the comment notifications :(

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Your post has helped me install drupal or a client within 5min.. Going to add some Drush Tutorials shortly to

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Thank you. Great site

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